third times a charm?

Or maybe the fourth or fifth time? I’ve tried blogging several different times and I’m really bad about keeping up with it, I get annoyed, I lose track, or I just don’t feel like doing it (sounds kind of like college). Except now I’m missing being back in school where I felt like I was actually working towards something and *gasp* I actually miss papers. What is wrong with me? If you can answer that question you will be my new best friend. I have a ridiculously short attention span so I will talk about a lot of things mostly being knitting, doctor who, knitting, books I’ve read, knitting and my three wonderful puppies. Sensing a theme? It’s an expensive hobby, but I’m just now starting to get decent at it and I barely know any other knitters so here goes. Let’s see if this one stays around longer than a week, fingers crossed!